2011… My New Beginning


2011 is finally here and I can barely contain my excitement. God always has a way of answering of my prayers in the most unforeseen and unexpected ways…. and He works outside of time so He is always right on time whenever He chooses to answer.

2010 was prophesied to be the year of God’s mighty right hand. It was also the year that I chose to go my own way in my pride and rebellion. I was in a very dark and solitude place where I felt was beyond the reach of help. But, there is nothing too impossible for God. There is no level of darkness, sin and rebellion that He is not willing to reach out His saving grace to rescue His lost child. He went on a rescue mission and brought me out of the waters and back onto land. He literally snatched my life from the hands of the enemy. I am forever indebted to the power of Jesus’ blood and the mercy of the Father.

Still, even after being rescued, I have had to deal with the scars that remain after the sting of my sin. These last few months have been wonderful, basking in His glory, but they have also been a frustrating period in my life as I found myself fighting against the curses and fruit of the sin that I had committed.

Here we are….2011….and I have FINALLY crossed over into a new year. Pastor Chika said this is the year of NEW BEGINNINGS, the 8th year of our ministry. This year I will collide with my destiny. He said that we should disconnect from EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in 2010 that did not line up with the will of God. As soon as the clock struck midnight and we celebrated the arrival of the year 2011….I felt a new joy deep rooted in my spirit.

Lord, I’m ready to lay on this operating table. Take the scalpel. Cut out every unclean thing in my heart. I will not let anything that occurred in 2010 deter me from reaching the highest of heights in the Lord. This is my season to collide with my destiny.


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