iFocus 24:6

I was sitting in the middle of church one Sunday when the Lord whispered in my ear the word, “Focus.” Then He later revealed the scripture reference in Psalm that reads, This is the generation of them that seek Him, that seek Thy face, O Jacob. I remember bombarding my youth pastor, elation bursting out of my heart as I rushed to tell him what the Lord have revealed to me should be the name of our youth ministry. I showed him the scripture and exclaimed, “FOCUS!” His countenance lit up and his eyes sparkled and he added matter-of-factly, “24:6.”

EUREKA! Focus 24:6!!!!

That was many years ago, and I was heavily involved in Focus 24:6. Now that I have crossed over into the Fresh Fire college ministry, I have begun to feel a God-given burden for my generation. More specifically, I have a burden for college students at my university.

All day I have been feeling indignation and utter disdain for the devil when I think about how many young people he influences to do evil and to believe that they don’t need a Savior. All I want is for people my age to realize that God has a call on their lives, and He wants to use us all while we’re young to advance the Kingdom. However, sometimes we allow the wiles, temptations and glamorous life that the devil promises (but never delivers) us. I wish I could shake some of the people I see on my campus and make them wake from their slumber. ARISE! ARISE! YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A SLAVE TO SIN! THERE IS FREEDOM IN CHRIST JESUS! ACCEPT HIM! ARISE!

My heart literally breaks when I see the turmoil, the pain, and the confusion that is running rampant in the lives of my peers. Many of them find solace in sex, drugs, money, fraternities and sororities, ungodly counsel, significant others…. Yet and still, they don’t realize that JESUS is the ANSWER to all of their problems. My generation aimlessly wanders about, searching for a fulfillment that the world cannot supply.

God wants a generation who will seek His face. He wants young people who will stand for Him on college campuses, in workplaces, and wherever else we are. He wants us to let go of the distractions and apprehensions and give ourselves totally to Him. He wants a generation who wants Him first.

So, what will it take for the lost to come to the knowledge of salvation through Jesus Christ? The Bible says in Romans 8…

19For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.

All of creation is waiting on US–the sons of God–to manifest His glory in the earth. They are waiting on US to line up and enlist into the army of the Lord.

This year I vow to be militant and steadfast in the power of His might as I war against the enemy for souls. I want to lead souls to Christ, for I know that they will not live life ABUNDANTLY until they are one with the Father. These souls, marked for death and hell, walk amongst us everyday. This year I’m going to do something about it.


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