Our God!

Our God is greater!
Our God is stronger!
God, You are higher than any other! Our God is healer!
Awesome in power!
Our God! Our God!

My heart is so full of praise right now! I know my God has favored me! Not because of myself or anything I’ve done, but in SPITE of myself! How great is my God!

In order for you to understand why I’m so ecstatic you’d have to know about my job predicament. I was working on campus in one of the offices at GSU. This semester I have only Monday and Wednesday classes, which causes a class schedule conflict which would prohibit me from working there this semester. I was available on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, but my boss told me I couldn’t work on those days–that I MUST work Monday-Friday. This, of course, meant that I would be out of a job. Now, I have been aware of this for almost a month and I’ve been avidly searching for a job. However, nothing was happening for me. All I knew was that God was going to bless me. People kept asking me what I was going to do but I kept saying, “God has already given me a job. I’m waiting on the manifestation.” I held true to that, because this is my year of NEW beginnings and I know God is going to show Himself strong on my behalf in a NEW way this year!

So, today was my last day. I went in to work yesterday, totally at peace. I’m thankful for my job because I know God blessed me with it. But my boss came in and told me that my co-worker also might not be returning. I took in that information and went on with my shift. At the end of my work day as I was saying my goodbyes to people and grabbing my purse, my boss stopped me and said that because of unforeseen circumstances with my coworker she wanted ME to return next semester to work on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday! After SHE told me there was NO WAY she would allow me to work those days, she changed her mind and offered them to me! Now, this offer is only valid for the next two weeks. However, that means I will be receiving a check until refund checks come! God bridged the gap of my drought!

WHAT?! He heard my prayer! My God is greater!!!!!!!! This is the level of favor that I’ve seen working in my father’s life on his job. This is that STOREY GLORY I speak so highly of. I have turned in another application that I am believing the Lord to send angels to put at the top of a hiring manager’s list! I know my God is able! I thank God for His favor because it’s NEVER fair!!!

And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us?
And if our God is with us, then what could stand against?


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