Loose Lips

He that keepeth his mouth keepeth his life; and he that openeth wide his lips shall have destruction. Proverbs 13:3

I really love my brothers and sisters in Christ because I really learn SO much from them on a consistent basis. Even from those who I have never met, but have had the pleasure of conversing with on Twitter. The aforementioned scripture was tweeted this morning by one of my brothers in the Lord. When I say the word of God is ALIVE, I mean it. It lives and it’s convicting and it is TRUTH!
I just thank God for the Word because it does cut like a two-edged sword in the places in our hearts that are unlike Him. I am thankful that He could minister these words to me when I needed them most.
Everyone knows I’m talkative and friendly, but I am also very opinionated when I want to be. I know that my mouth is a weakness in some cases (a strength in many others). Many times before my opinions have gotten me in trouble. I recently got into a situation based off of voicing my opinions where they weren’t welcomed, causing others to feel some type of way about me. I thank God, though, for this happening because it caused me to see myself through HIS eyes. I know He doesn’t like what He saw.
That scripture in Proverbs is convicting and I know how God feels about loose lips. So, now, with it being my year of NEW BEGINNINGS, I can boldly come face-to-face with my weakness and knock that stronghold down. This year I covenant with the Lord to study to be quiet, to pray MORE and talk LESS. My Pastor always says that our mouths sometimes abort our blessings. I believe that is true and I won’t allow such things to occur in or THROUGH me this year.
So, now I’m crying out to God to put a bridle on my tongue… to humble me, for I know He resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. I need a lot more of that grace this year if I’m going to go all out for Him.
Perfect? I never claimed to be… But I do serve a perfect God and a perfect Savior…and in Himself He has made ALL THINGS (even me) NEW! 

Loose Lips


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