Beware of the Chameleon

Lately the topic of friendship and loyalty has been on my heart. I have been very observant of the relationships in my life and in the lives of people around me. I’ve also been reading a wonderful book entitled “Waiting & Dating” by Dr. Myles Munroe, in which he intricately describes different levels of friendships one can have. Personally, I’ve been evaluating every single relationship in my life and seeking God for guidance and direction on which ones I need and which ones I should leave behind. I do believe that relationships can either draw you closer to God or drive you away from God. In your friendships, it is imperative that you make it your sole purpose to be the type of friend who draws someone to God.

I have not always been the best friend to the people around me, but now I have determined to be the type of friend for others that I would like for myself. As Dr. Munroe said in his book, Everyone wants a friend, but few know how to be a friend. If I have ever done a friend wrong, I want to take this time out to apologize because now I am training myself to be an asset to someone’s life.

And so we have chameleons.

This is a copy of my tweets from  yesterday–my revelation on fake friendships. Chameleons are not the type of people you want around. While reading this, if certain people come to mind, perhaps you should pray and ask God what you should do about that particular friendship; whether you should continue in it or decided to let it go. And if you should happen to be a chameleon, perhaps this will open your eyes to some changes that need to be made.

Everyone wants friends and everyone should know how to be one.


Now, can I talk about these chameleon friends?

You know…chameleon. That scary looking creature that has the ability to blend in with its surroundings. It acclimates itself to whatever situation it’s in. It doesn’t have a true identity. It functions as a creature in perpetual disguise. For some of ya’ll, we’ll never see your true colors because you blend in so well depending on who’s around you. When you’re with Clique A, you gossip about Clique B. When you’re with Clique B, you slander Clique A. When you’re alone, you’re confused. You’re so used to blending in you don’t know what your own identity is or where your true loyalty lies.
Oops. You’re a chameleon. You’re never really loyal to anyone because you can acclimate and settle down anywhere.
I don’t have time for chameleon friends.

Chameleons cosign with different groups of people. If one group says it’s hot, you agree. If the other group says it’s cold, you also agree.

Chameleons can’t be trusted. One minute they’re brown, the next they’re green. Sometimes they vanish altogether. Chameleons are spies. They’ll convince you they’re your friend, but run back and tell all your secrets to your enemy.
I hope I’m exposing some chameleons.
I should research the lifespan of chameleons. It couldn’t be that long. It must be tiring trying to keep up a perpetual charade.
How do you know if you’re a chameleon? You’re feeling some type of way about these tweets.
I’m tired of chameleons sneaking in and out of my friends’ lives. Ya’ll have got to go! I’m stepping on chameleon tails today!
I’m very tranquil right now. I just decided to tweet about a problem I constantly see in “friendships.” It’s destructive. We don’t (naturally) know how to be good friends to others because we are too self-absorbed. Sometimes you have to kiss destructive friendships, as well as dating relationships, goodbye. You’re so much better off without the dead weight holding you down and holding you back from the destiny you have set before you.
Can you find the chameleon?

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