The Dream

As I get closer to my college graduation I have been contemplating my future goals as I move toward the completion of my destiny.

Destiny collisions…

The Lord knows that there are so many things I want to do, places I want to go, people I want to meet. More than anything else, I want to do those things that will maneuver me to be in the place to collide with my destiny.

I’m pretty sure I know what that next step is, for when the desire was literally dropped into my spirit I couldn’t even sit still. Even now, this desire burns so deeply and so passionately inside of my spirit. I can feel my pulse quickening even as I type.

More than anything I want His will for my life. I wanted His direction.

Six days ago I was given a dream that excites me more and more when I think of it.

Photo Credit: Hans, Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Hans, Creative Commons

I was in an unfamiliar place. Unsure of my surroundings, I searched through the crowds of people, hoping to locate a familiar face to ease the feeling of trepidation that began to overwhelm my soul.

Finally, I saw Him.

As soon as our eyes met, the anxiety of being alone vanished as quickly as it had come. A smile crept on his lips as He reached out his hand toward me. My heart skipped a few beats and my surroundings stilled. I couldn’t hear anything, see anything else except for Him. He didn’t speak, only smiled as His outstretched arm beckoned me closer to Him.

My hand in His, He led me to a grand, spiral staircase. He took the first step upward, and guided me as I began to climb behind Him. He never let go of my hand, only grasped it tighter if I lost my footing.

I don’t remember the climb. I was so into Him and how He patiently, effortlessly showed me the Way. I lost track of time being with Him.

When we reached the top of the staircase, He stopped and led me to the banister. We both looked over the edge  and I could see all the way down to the first floor from which we originally started ascending. We must have been dozens and dozens of flights high. The people on each floor beneath us looked like tiny ants. I was amazed, not only because I didn’t recall making the climb at all, but because I had never been so high in my life.

He looked at me, and I returned His gaze. He smiled  and said, “Jump.” 

I blinked, but dared not say anything.

“Jump, and I will catch you,” He said. “Use your faith.”

Needless to say, I hear Him loud and clear. I am counting down the days before I take that first step of faith. I’m ready. God is ready. It’s almost time…….to collide.



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