So This is Love

I’m sure there’s been a point in your life when you encountered (or thought you did, at least) that special someone who made your heart skip three beats, caused your palms to perspire and was the reason your friends teased you about the goofy grin on your face. This was the person you woke up thinking about, spent all day talking about to your closest friends and anyone else who would listen. When your day faded into night, you lay upon your bed thinking about them, thanking God He finally sent the answer to your lifelong prayer to find love, wondering how such an experience of love could even be possible. Surely a love like this could only be a figment of your imagination. Perhaps you’ve had the question, “How do I know if I’m in love? How do I know this is real love?”

When I was a young adolescent I had a real relationship with God. We had the type of relationship I just described. I thought about Him all the time, I was fascinated by Him and His glory, He was all I wanted to talk about. Everything I wrote was all about Him. I talked to Him at all times. I would read my Word whenever I had the chance. I remember a time when I was riding down the street and I whispered to Him, “I love You, God,” and immediately tears welled in my eyes and my heart galloped in my chest violently. We have all uttered those words to Him in worship, but that was the first time where I felt like those words moved Him. I know this because I felt His presence so fiercely.

I have been trying to get back to that point . . . to revisit and dwell in a place of genuine, burning, passionate love for Jesus.

I brought in the new year in Dalton, Georgia with the wonderful people of the Ramp. I’ve been a supporter and follower of this powerful ministry for nearly a year now, but this was my first time worshiping with them. I experienced God there like I never have before. He answered so many prayers and opened so many doors for me in the spiritual realm. I worshiped Him like I never have before. More than anything else, God met me in the mountains in Dalton and I left that place with more awareness of His presence than ever before. Not only do I talk to Him more, but He talks to ME more! He hasn’t stopped talking to me, showing me things since I got back. It shows me that if we would fully yield to Him and listen to Him, He’ll show us the secrets to success in this life. Even more valuable than that, He will give us the greatest gift: Himself!!!!

I find myself growing back to that place of love and devotion with Jesus. It’s a beautiful thing. I’ll tell you this, if you think you’ve found the ultimate love in a person…you’re wrong! I found an amazing love in Jesus Christ!

I, too, have once asked how one knows they’re in love. Yesterday I found the answer. I was spending time with my Lover and He asked me to do something I had told myself and others I would NEVER do. That very thing is what He asked and like a woman madly in love, I will give Jesus whatever He asks. I want Him and nothing will come between us. I know love is real when I’m willing to sacrifice for the one I love. When you are willing to do anything, give anything, sacrifice anything…that is love.

Jesus said, “Greater love hath no man than this, that He lay down His life for His friends.” Jesus’ definition of love is sacrificial.

I know I’m regaining that fire for Him because I am willing to do anything He wants or desires from me. Anything. There is no limit on how far I will go for Him. I owe Him my all.

This is the type of love I’ve been waiting for….and He’s been waiting for me….

I won’t keep my Groom waiting.


4 thoughts on “So This is Love

  1. Yes, Jeida!!! This so great! Reading the first paragraph sparked a huge ball of excitement for Jesus! This awesome and so encouraging!!

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