Dating Jesus

Have you ever heard someone claim that Jesus was their Boyfriend (or worse: their Homeboy)? Unfortunately, so have I. Fret not. That is not the point of this blog entry. Jesus is not my Boyfriend. He is many things to me, but my Boyfriend is not one of them. He has a much more permanent, poignant, precious position in my personal walk (you like that alliteration, right?). I want to hone in on simple devotion.

I am currently reading Simple Devotion: Answering the Radical Call by the amazing Micah Wood and Samuel Bentley (I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this book for every believer. You can order it from The Ramp Store. You will not regret it!). In the book, these Ramp leaders describe simple devotion as “a designated, devoted time where everything else stops and you lock away with God.” The book goes on to illustrate the dire need for devotion in the Christian’s daily life. A powerful opener to the book is, “Everyone assumes everyone prays, but hardly anyone ever does.” This is a startling reality in the typical Christian’s life, and most recently, it has been a battle of my own. Every Christian knows that the fundamentals of this faith include praying and reading the Scriptures everyday, yet so few of us make time to meet God in the secret place. I’m realizing that devotion is not only necessary to the saint, but it is a joy to the Lord.

I have spouts of emotion when I think about the Lord. If it has been a few days since I’ve heard from Him, I’ll miss Him terribly. There is really nothing else in this life that can compare to the companionship of Holy Spirit. He’s a wonder. I decided that I wasn’t going to ignore that feeling, but embrace it. I decided I was going to enjoy a date with Jesus that night. Just as any girl would do for a date, I prepared. I took a long shower, pampered myself, pulled my hair out of my face, spritzed on perfume and applied my best lotions. I turned my phone off and turned on some worship music to set the mood. I missed Him like crazy and I was about to give Him my undivided attention.

I opened my heart and spirit and began to worship Him. After a while, I asked Him to speak to me, to tell me anything on His heart. He responded, “Minister to Me.” I was astounded and completely humbled all at once. Did Almighty God just say He wanted me to minister to Him? How awe-inspiring is it to know that God wants to hear our voice worship Him? I did not hesitate. I poured out my best for Him and began to say things to Him that I’ve never heard anyone say before. It was a very personal moment which humbles me even now while I’m writing this.

I think sometimes we go into the secret place with an expectation to receive from God, but God also wants to be loved and wooed and completely adored. He wants your heart to throb at the thought of His glory. He wants you to lay awake all night in your bed, entertaining thoughts about His awesome splendor and the beauty of the cross. He wants to be dated! No, I don’t mean in the light of the culture’s definition of dating and the lack of commitment it insinuates. God is not your Boyfriend or significant other. God just wants consistent, intimate time with you that He doesn’t have to share with anyone else. He wants us to be intentional about the time we spend with Him, as Micah and Samuel so eloquently express in Simple Devotion.

Let’s give our God the devoted time He so deserves. God loves us more than we will ever know or comprehend (Ephesians 3:17-19). So much so that He risked the life of His only Son for a bunch of people who were dead and hopeless sinners. How amazing is it that God came up with the plan of salvation so that an all true holy God could have fellowship with humans in intimacy again? The point in salvation is this: devotion with God. The purpose of Jesus’ mission was to bring us all back to God, to be in perfect harmony with Almighty God.

More than God wants us to be healthy, rich, prosperous, happy, blessed, wise…He wants us for Himself and His own pleasure.

God simply wants to walk and talk with us every day from now until eternity.

♫ Now Playing: “Where the Love Lasts Forever” by Hillsong United ♫


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