On This Day

My last post was a letter to impurity that I was challenged to pen as a tangible way of putting my “old self” to death. As aforementioned, my small group is studying the book of Romans, and as a result, we’ve chosen to expose our sinful nature and allow ourselves to be washed in the grace and mercy of God. Today I want to share another “farewell” letter written by one of my beloved sisters from my group. Miss Stephanie Deltor is the author of the That Old Fashioned Type of Gal blog and a young lady I’m proud to know. Enjoy!

On This Day 


Dear Envy,

Something needs to be said and something needs to be done about you and the way you make me feel. I need to be honest, sometimes you can be found in the inner parts of my heart. It is hard to be truly happy for someone when you wish the same upon yourself. The clothes, relationships, accolades, and accomplishments always seem to look better on her over me. When I see something that I want, I don’t remember the things that I have. When I see something that I desire, I forget about the growing I’ve done. It’s not wrong to desire something better, it’s wrong to desire it from someone else who has it.  That want turns into a need and the need into you.

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