After the Dust Settles

Wow! It astounds me how swiftly time passes.  It has been five months since my last update, and in those five months God has succeeded to stun me over and over again with the overflow of His immeasurably more. Back in July I decided to take a hiatus from blogging and social media so that I could focus on my writing career, my personal life, and my God. I originally set out to spend 30 days in the presence of God to achieve certain goals, but it turns out that God had other, bigger plans for me. 2013 brought me the best of times and the worst of times, but everyday has been pregnant with the possibility for God to show himself strong on my behalf. And He has. I have learned many lessons, cried many tears, crossed many bridges, and prayed many prayers that have all prepared me for the road that is still ahead of me. Throughout the course of this year. I have seen the glory and power of God through many avenues and facets, but there are a handful of events that have shaped me drastically this year.

I Found Myself

I am probably one of the most outspoken, vivacious, friendly individuals you would come by. I love people. I love encouraging people, speaking truth over their lives, getting people excited about the most mundane things like sunsets or the sighting of a full moon over the city skyline. I am a leader. I can organize a meeting, a team, an organization, and I have been successful in those things. Yet, in all that no one would have ever guessed that I deeply struggled with low self-esteem. The grips of insecurity were relentless and broke my heart everyday. It was the reason why I tolerated toxic relationships, allowed hurtful things to be said to me, blamed myself for things that were out of my control. Finally, through the grace of God and powerful community, I was delivered (and I am being delivered) from wrong thinking about myself. I see myself from God’s vantage point. I only see what He sees in me. My whole life changed. Where I used to see things with a fog of self-doubt, I have perfect clarity. Jesus showed me I am beautiful on the INSIDE and I have great value because He formed me with His hands.

Love Found Me

I am in a relationship and I am so in love. I can hear the records scratching now. You read right; the ‘content in singleness’ woman has changed her relationship status. I met and [grew] in love with a courageous, remarkable, passionate, tender man of God. He is everything I didn’t know I needed. He’s the answer to a prayer I didn’t have the wisdom or words to pray.  He is gentle, tender, loving, attentive, dedicated, intentional, focused, energetic, warm, sweet, courageous… He is a true gift from God–the answer to the prayer I didn’t have the words to pray. He is more than I could have ever hoped to have in my life as a loving partner, friend, and confidant. When we met, there was something different refreshing spectacular about him that set him above every other man I’ve ever come in contact with. No, it wasn’t love at first sight (if ever such a thing existed in the first place), but by the end of our first encounter I knew that something miraculous had transpired, and God confirmed it with each and every step in our relationship toward Him and toward one another. 

I Started Working

Many of you may have known that I had been actively believing God for full-time employment. Shortly after I met my love, life kicked into high gear. I have a job that has given me the opportunity to impact people daily with the power of God. It’s amazing how God allows us to carry Himself in us so that we can positively change the world. I have been practicing leaving deposits of Jesus in my workplace, and I am honored to be working again for God’s glory.

I Started Writing A Novel

I am blessed to be working on this novel. The story and characters are so dear to me. It’s a story many people have never told (I know I’ve never read it anywhere), so I cannot wait to complete this project and share it with the world.

I Lost a Family Member

My family lost someone very close to us. My uncle passed the week before Christmas. It was sudden and unexpected. It has broken our hearts, but even through this very tough time, I have seen the hand of God so meticulously and tenderly caring and holding us all together. If not for the love of God, we would be hopeless. Thank Jesus that it was His blood that made a place for my uncle in Heaven. He is waiting for us there. I miss him so… I will always miss him. But through this I have learned to love HARDER…more intentionally. Life is fleeting, but God and love are FOREVER.


How great is my God that He would allow such incredibly beautiful gifts unfold in my life. When I didn’t see any of them coming, He so graciously had them preset and prearranged down to the very date that I would receive them. I know more than anything that my steps are ordered…and so are yours! If you are waiting for something big, know that God is still in the business of immeasurably more. He doesn’t want us to settle for the basics when He has gifts in His hands.

What to Expect on the Blog this Year

More posts! I was very quiet for the last half of 2013, but God has been blowing me away with many lessons. I have so much to say about:

* Singleness

* Dating & Relationships

* Sex

* Work 

* Jesus


Bear with me as I try to find some stability in my schedule. I believe that there are many things God wants me to write about, so let’s hop into this new year and new season together!

It’s so good to be back!

With all my love,



3 thoughts on “After the Dust Settles

  1. Jeida!!!!!!! Your story is just amazing and to think that it is still being written is even more amazing. I love it because we were able to witness it all unfold through your captivating words and it truly shows God’s faithfulness. Not many times we are able to see the story before the glory. I am so happy for you! Keep being so beautiful as you are walking into God’s love! Love you!

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