About Me


My name is Jeida [Jay – dah]. I’m a young woman who is burning for Jesus. He is my Lover and I am His. I am passionate about Him, the Kingdom, and serving Him in all that I do and all I that I am.

I graduated in 2011 from Georgia State University with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. I believe that God has called me to serve Him first and foremost, and I happen to do that best by writing for Him. Albeit, He is the writer; I am merely the vessel He chose to hold the pen. I pray that everything I write both encourages you and inspires you to seek our Father’s face.

I pray that our God will reveal Himself to you in your Christian walk. May you live a radical, burning, passionate life that exudes and attracts the Presence of God.

With love & affection,

Jeida K. Storey


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