Blog Recommendations

Do you enjoy reading Destiny Collisions? If so, you will also love these sites! Here is a list of my favorite blogs. They are sure to bless you and encourage you to draw nearer to God. Visit their blogs, subscribe and comment! Tell them I sent you.

Your sister,

~Jeida K.

  • Christian. Black. Woman. Speaking Out! – My best friend, Ashley Breaux, is the author of this blog that explores issues such as current events and faith from the perspective of a black Christian woman. The topics here are sure to challenge and inspire new thinking!
  • The Beautiful Ashes – This blog is authored by my dear friend, Brittany Boulware. She is a truly remarkable person who is blazing for God in every aspect of her life. If you want to read about how to desire Him and the things He wants for you, check out The Beautiful Ashes.
  • So Honest It Hurts – This blog is authored by one of my sisters from church, Liz Franklin. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I was struck by her beauty and her smile, but I was even more fascinated by her incredible passion for Jesus and the strength she’s found in Him. This blog is properly titled, because she ventures into levels of transparency that many wouldn’t dare tread upon.
  • Your Face Will I Seek – A wonderful blog by Paige Einboden that exudes a humble and broken spirit toward God. Paige is passionate about Him. You’re sure to learn a thing or two about His awesome splendor.
  • Stuff Christians Like – I am likely to spend hours reading these blog posts by author and inspirational speaker, Jon Acuff. Prepare to laugh and think about things most people wouldn’t dare to say. This is definitely the stuff Christians like!
  • Leaning on My Beloved –  This author gives great wisdom with added humor. Must-read posts!

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